Mixed Case Vodka Iced Tea | 12-Pack


When you can’t decide which flavour you like more, get them all. 

Lemon, Fynbos, or Raspberry, why spend time deciding? When our vodka iced teas are craft-brewed the Shackleton Way, you know all 3 are a great choice. When sharing with friends, or indulging yourself, enjoy a guilt-free zero-sugar vodka iced tea, infused with natural flavours and a little bit of vodka, because…

We know #YouveGotTheTaste.

Case includes:

4 x Lemon vodka iced tea coolers
4 x Fynbos vodka iced tea coolers
4 x Raspberry vodka iced tea coolers

Note: The composition of the mixed case will vary from time to time dependent on the season and stock availability.


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