The Shackleton Story – presented by Rob Caskie (Online Event)


The Shackleton Story – presented by Rob Caskie (Online Watch Along)

The famous Rob Caskie is telling the extraordinary story of Sir Ernest Shackleton at the taproom on  Tuesday evening from 18:30 on the 3rd of August 2021.

Join us for this exclusive event and learn about the amazing story which inspired our name. Rob’s riveting enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the Shackleton travails is not to be missed. For one night only you can join us in the Shackleton Taproom at the brewery in Salt Orchard as it becomes a comfortable, welcoming, and dramatic stage for one of South Africa’s foremost storytellers.

The live event will be covid conscious but should you prefer to watch along from the comfort of your home we will be selling online tickets to enjoy the storytelling via a video link simulcast. You could even order some Shackleton’s beforehand and watch the event while enjoying a cold Shacky as if you were in the brewery!


Video link to the live event to watch along as Rob tells the Shackleton story from the taproom

See here to learn more about Rob Caskie:

Let’s #GetShacked and listen to a riveting story told by a great storyteller.

Note: The live video streaming of this event will continue even under the adjusted lockdown level 4 restrictions.