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Otherwise Welsh Beer 330ml | 12-Pack


What are your go-to phrases when greeting someone you haven’t seen in a while? Ours went something like this…

“How you man?”
“Ya well hey, how you?”  “Welsh!”
“Ya aces my bru!”
“It’s been ages dude?!”
“Ya, like a medium well with A1 steak sauce!”
“Chune me, let’s make a beer…”

Our happy history started on a surf trip to the legendary Vic Bay. Since then we’ve both walked very different paths but somehow managed to reunite in the most unexpecting environments.

Surprisingly, we have improved on our vocabulary and diction. However, we always seem to resort back to colourful phases that say so much by saying so little. Some things never change…

The Beer: 5,5% abv
Style – Summer Cream Ale

The beer is light like our diction, dry and crisp like our humour and one to put back after a session in the water.

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