Old Fashioned Strong Ale | Bottle

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This English Strong Ale has been barrel-aged for 6 months in a STEEL WINES red wine barrel, resulting in a boozy but sweet beer with strong notes of orange. Inspired and reminiscent of an Old Fashioned Cocktail, the aroma has noticeable characteristics of bourbon and a subtle oakiness from the barrel.
Complex on the palate, with caramel maltiness, smoke, orange, vanilla, and subtle cherry notes. Gentle carbonation finishing with slight smokiness. Best shared with friends and food!
A collaboration of odd brewers who enjoy the odd beer.
Malt, Hops, Yeast, Water, Orange Bitters
Let’s #GetShacked.

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BV: 7.9% | IBU: 32


Price – R260 VAT included per single 750ml Bottle


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