Candy Cane Limited Edition Launch Pack

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1 x Limited Edition Branded Beer Glass
1 x Enamel Pin
1 x 500ml can of Candy Cane
Bunch of Candy Cane Stickers


A beer to honor my amazing sister Candice Leigh Bergh AKA Candy Cane who passed away after a tough battle against Leukemia. So cheers to you sis!
24/05/1987 – 01/12/2018

Love Brei!

A Double IPA inspired by her sweet nature and nickname, this beer is full of fabulous flavor, bold aromas and is 7.5 % ABV to represent her immense strength throughout her fight. We are reminded that life is fragile and we thank her for the lesson that we should make time to enjoy it and share it with the ones we love.


Hops | Magnum, Huell Melon, Cascade.
Malt | Pilsner, Pale, Oat, Cara Clair, Vienna, Crystal, Rolled Oats,
Adjuncts | Lactose, Candi Sugar.
Yeast | Lallemand New England Strain

ABV: 7.5% | IBU: 45

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